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A little bit about our


At the G3 Group Agency, we all have a creative spark but we absolutely love technical challenges and take pride in making YOU the hero. We’re at our best when you regard us as an integral part of your team because we’re the silent partner who takes winning as serious as you do. It makes us feel good to launch a new site and watch it succeed or help a customer win more market share and increase their ROI.

We’ve spent years studying how people respond to advertising and use the Internet. This has given us the ultimate advantage when it comes to creating engaging websites and high impact marketing messages for our clients.

G3 Group History

In 1995, Anita began laying the foundation for a new company focused on digital marketing & web design. Today, the G3 Group Agency is committed to helping clients with branding and messages – helping them succeed with increasing sales & leads from online traffic. As seasoned veterans in the Internet community, we love helping our customers find new ways of connecting with their customers.

Several random things about us:

  • We’re mostly competitive personalities – thriving on challenges. Figuring out how to implement a new web widget is like a fun game for us. It’s also what makes us fanatical about our clients’ success.
  • We love clients who understand that everything can’t be solved with a single push of a button
  • Our mascot is an enviable position – currently coveted by a Pug, two Dobermans and a Min Pin.
  • The name”G3″ was a nickname bestowed by some clients.
  • We’re submersed in a digital world – but we still prefer talking to clients on the phone and especially in-person.
  • We frequently take on pro-bono work for really good causes
  • Without coffee, we cease to run.

Key Staff

Anita Schott

Anita Schott

Anita is a founding partner at G3 Group Agency and marketing strategist. A design and marketing specialist, Anita is a certified Google Adwords Professional, Master Conversion Optimization Expert and Microsoft AdExcellence member. Her day to day projects involve design and marketing. Her passion is helping businesses succeed through SEO and Paid Search Advertising.

John E. Pusey

John Pusey

John is an expert in graphic interface programming and web application development. He specializes in programming custom PHP and ColdFusion applications to fit the specific needs of our clients, building large-scale databases and excels at third party API integration. John has a Master of Science (M.S.) in Instructional Technology and a Bachelor of Arts (B.S.) in Political Science.

Tami Vinson

Tami Vinson

In addition to handling Customer service; Tami is experienced in graphic design, desktop publishing and SEO. Tami manages projects from start to finish, providing insightful design recommendations to help clients build their brand and market exposure. She attended Maryland Institute of Art and is an integral part of the company’s marketing team.

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