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A great company backed by down-to-earth people.

web developersIt makes us feel good to launch a new site and hear rave reviews from customers. We get all giddy inside when we can help you win more market share and lower your costs at the same time. We love these types of challenges and take pride in making you the hero. We're at our best when you regard us as an integral part of your team - the silent partner who takes winning as serious as you do.

You should expect more - and get more.

Every day we see advertising that is dull, poorly designed and not in any way geared toward motivating the reader. Our mission is to change the expectation of "average performance". We've spent years studying how people respond to advertising and use the web - from visual cues to killer ad copy. We love giving our expert guidance whether it's a small website or a hundred thousand dollar marketing campaign.

History & Culture

BBJ Largest Web Design Firm Award Plaque

Founded in 1984 by Anita Schott, the G3 Group began as a print design company working with a range of local and national clients. As early as 1995, Anita began laying the foundation to change the company's focus from traditional to interactive media. Today, the firm is committed to helping clients with web design, Internet marketing and print branding. The G3 Group is a diverse team of seasoned veterans in the Internet and print community.

BBJ Largest Web Design Firm Award Plaque

Several random things about us:

  • We're mostly competitive personalities - thriving on challenges. Figuring out how to implement a new web widget is like a fun game for us. It's also what makes us fanatical about our clients' success.
  • We love clients who understand that everything can't be solved with a single push of a button
  • Our mascot is an enviable position - currently coveted by two Pugs, two Dobermans, a Min Pin and a few cats (who know they are better).
  • The name"G3" was a nickname bestowed by some clients. (Our corporate name is Graphics III Advertising, Inc.)
  • We're submersed in a digital world - but we still prefer talking to clients on the phone and especially in-person.
  • We frequently take on pro-bono work for really good causes
  • Without coffee, we cease to run.


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