Link Building

link building plansObtaining a diverse, high quality link portfolio one of the most important factors to obtaining higher rankings. Search engines use the quality and number of inbound links to your website in their ranking algorithms. They give considerable weight to the quality of your inbound links, placing importance on the reputation of the website linking to you. They also take more complex factors into account like human interaction - social bookmarking, sharing, and blogging. Establishing and maintaining a quality linking strategy will help improve your rank and raise your positioning.

G3 Group devotes considerable resources to ensure that our clients are well linked within the web. We research and maintain relationships with other websites that would be likely candidates to help a client increase and maintain a better link portfolio. Most often, our strategies involve a natural blend of links from various sources.

  • Authority, topic related websites
  • Top tier directories
  • Social bookmarking
  • News sites
  • Article Directories
  • Relevant forums & blogs

The following plans are designed for optimized websites looking to boost their ranking for specific keyword phrases OR maintain rankings they already have achieved. For non-optimized sites, link building is included in our SEO pricing.

Link Building Plans (month to month)

The following plans are designed to acquire a number of one-way inbound links to your website. These plans represent a sampling of the plans we've created for SEO maintenance. Articles written for you are 100% original based on your keyword topic. You are given the opportunity to review all articles prior to submission on your behalf.

How links work to help ranking

Links are very important to ranking because search engines have one goal in mind: to provide content that is relevant to the searcher's query. Sites that are well linked-to from other sites that provide relevant content, especially if the links are text links, tend to perform better in search engine results pages.

We work to achieve the goal of establishing your website as a strong member in your industry's Internet "community." We provide our clients with all details on our link acquisition including source, method and rank of the link obtained.

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