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This is a strategic and aggressive Internet marketing strategy designed to give you fast and long-lasting positioning.

There are many different ways to market your business on the Internet. With Max Traffic, an expert search analyst works with you to create a perfect blend of efforts. We combine SEO, PPC advertising, Conversion Optimization & email marketing to drive maximum traffic and provide you with optimal conversions.

Max Traffic is a fast track to success.

What is involved?

The first step with Max Traffic is a strategy consultation to determine your long and short-term goals and where you stand in the marketplace today. We develop a blended marketing plan designed to address your specific goals using any and/or all of the tools available today. We estimate your expected success rate in each of the media suggested and giving you an opportunity to access the potential gain from our strategy.

How it works:

Max-traffic is designed to obtain instant and long-term, sustainable traffic. We use Pay per Click, email marketing and SEO to bring new traffic to your website. We use conversion optimization techniques to capture more leads from your existing traffic. We create and deliver strategic email campaigns to keep the momentum.

What is the process?

You are assigned a marketing team that focuses on your goals. Your team includes a client representative, a search marketing expert, a Google Adwords Professional and a website designer/engineer. The team will analyze your website for usability, existing positions (if any), traffic levels, structure and linking. They will give you insight on your competition and develop a custom, fast-track solutions strategy for your website.

How do i start?

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