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Would you like to see a sales increase of 200% or even more?

AdWords, Facebook and Bing ads are paid search platforms designed to put your message directly in front of qualified buyers at the exact time they are searching for your products or services. It's a powerful and effective way to drive sales.

But, in today's ever-changing market, it has also become extremely complex and very competitive. Unless you have all day to devote to PPC, you may not see much in terms of success, resulting in a waste of budget as well as missed opportunities.

That's where we come in. With our conversion-centric strategy and expert management, we can drive traffic to your website and provide a high return for your advertising investment. While most industry standards state 2% as an average conversion rate, we consistently achieve higher than average rates for our clients.

It's not unusual for a new client of ours to experience a positive return on PPC for the very first time or get a 200% increase in conversions from an existing campaign. Pay per click comes down to numbers and our team is fanatical about achieving your goals.

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Our Capabilities

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is the most measurable form of advertising - you set a maximum budget and you only pay when a visitor clicks your ad. Working with G3 Group gives you support and expertise - helping you maximize performance right from the start.

We can put your products in the spotlight with our Shopping Campaign services. From product feed development to optimization, strategy and technology, we'll help maximize your product exposure in Google Shopping, Bing and more.

Our CRO services are uniquely designed to help motivate your visitors wherever they are in the buying process. From search ad to landing pages, we've got what it takes to increase your conversion rates.

We create campaigns designed to recapture visitors who didn't convert and keep your brand at the top of their mind. We can develop campaigns to reach any visitor segment you want.

If you utilize the right strategy, smart targeting and re-targeting of users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. can provide a larger audience and lower cost per acquisition than other channels.

Selecting prime audiences through placements, demographics and interests not only helps to improve branding and generate leads, it has the ability to give you greater reach. Working with us, you can get pinpoint precision in targeting.

What sets us apart

Unlike our competitors, we don't accept clients that compete against our existing clients. Because of this, we have the ability to utilize aggressive techniques at every opportunity within a tailor-made solution. It's all about giving you the competitive advantage.

Our process begins with an exhaustive understanding of your goals, your customers and your competition. We become an extension of your business - understanding your challenges and identifying opportunities we can use to your advantage in a winning strategy.

Our expertise in conversion rate optimization enables us to develop ad copy and messages that are designed to persuade your prospective customers. And, central to our approach is a profit driven bidding strategy.

We use marketing automation to monitor the performance metrics of your account; however, there is no substitute for the insights of human expertise. Our PPC managers constantly analyze, adjust for changes in the marketplace and refine your campaigns to reach a maximum level of performance.

  • Advanced Call Tracking & Lead Tracking Technology
  • Conversion Optimization Expert on Staff
  • Expert Analytics Setup and Consulting

The G3 Group has handled PPC campaigns for businesses in many industries, and our marketing experts are highly skilled at efficiently (and quickly) creating profitable pay per click campaigns for global, national and local businesses. All of our work is handled in-house in our offices in Baltimore, Maryland.

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