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Pay per click is the only way to guarantee you will always show up on the first page in Google

Is your pay per click campaign profit driven? Is it continually producing positive results? It could be if you use our team of experts. We don't just rely on automation to manage your account. We know that pay per click success is not measured by the best technology - it's measured by the best strategy.

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Sending traffic to the right pages at the right time and targeting just the right people is how we obtain some amazing results.


Our process begins with a complete understanding of your business - your goals, your customers and your day-to-day operations. We become an extension of your business - understanding your challenges and identifying opportunities you can use to your advantage.

  • Account Setup & Creative Ad Development
  • Keyword selection and Bid Management
  • Geo-targeting
  • Landing page optimization
  • Comprehensive Reporting

Our expertise in conversion optimization enables us to develop ad copy and landing pages that are designed to persuade your prospective customers. And, central to our approach is comprehensive keyword research and profit driven bidding strategies.

We are selective in taking clients - we don’t accept clients for pay per click advertising that compete against existing clients. Because of this, we have the ability to deliver a tailor-made solution and utilize aggressive techniques at every opportunity. It’s all about providing you with the competitive advantage.


We use marketing automation to monitor the performance metrics of your account; however, there is no substitute for the insights of human expertise. Our PPC managers constantly analyze, adjust for changes in the marketplace and refine your campaigns to reach an optimal level of performance.

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Reports are an essential part of our service to you. You get a solid, objective executive summary delivered according to your scheduling preference. Our reporting technology shows the bottom-line results in terms of pivotal metrics such as overall campaign performance, ROI, cost per acquisition and conversion rates. And, it can also give advanced insight like ROAS (return on ad spend), micro conversions, conversions by source, combined performance across multiple search engines and more.


Our services come with a money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your account's performance within the first 60 days - we refund 100% of our management fees, no questions asked.

The G3 Group has handled PPC campaigns for businesses in many industries, and our marketing experts are highly skilled at efficiently (and quickly) creating profitable pay per click campaigns for global, national and local businesses. All of our work is handled in-house in our offices in Baltimore, Maryland.


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