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Our success is dependent on the success of our clients. The following samples show how our marketing services can help you increase branding, traffic and significantly improve your bottom line.

Case Study: Construction Industry

OUR GOAL: increase appointment requests

Client: Home Improvement Contractor (B2C) targeting a local area

example results

What we did:

We utilized a blend of SEO and Pay per click in order to target local consumers actively searching for very specific home improvement service. We implemented creative ads and persuasive landing pages to elevate the conversion rate.


A sustained 14% + conversion rate. The account averages 5-10 qualified requests for appointments per day from paid search. Ads are restricted to the contractor's local area in order to maximize results within a set budget.

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Case Study: B2B Service Industry

OUR GOAL: increase quote requests from businesses

Client: Commercial Janitorial company (B2B) targeting a regional area

What we did:

We developed a customized blend of SEO and Pay per click and focused on service-specific keywords. By discouraging consumer traffic, we were able to stretch the clients budget to include more keywords. We also provided the client with an optimized site structure and SEO services.


Traffic has increased by 245% while the number of "qualified" leads (non-consumer inquiries) has risen significantly. We provided 25+ first page rankings for non-branded, service specific keyword phrases in the first six months.

Case Study: Medical Industry

OUR GOAL: increase appointment requests

Client: Plastic Surgeon

Goal: Increase traffic and increase appointment requests through the web site.
Work Performed:Pay per click setup and management, Search Engine Optimization and conversion optimization
Results: 500% increase in traffic from search engines and averages 5-10 pre-qualified requests for appointments per week. Ads are restricted to the surgeon's local area in order to maximize the budget. You can see from the actual screenshot below; the click thru and conversion rates are much higher than average.

pay per click results sample

Case Study: Retail Sales

Client: Alex Cooper Gallery of Rugs

Goal: Increase organic rankings for better traffic from a national audience.
Work Performed: Design, Pay per click management, Search Engine Optimization
Results: Client has over 500 meaningful rankings in organic search. Alex Cooper was able to reduce their pay per click budget by over 50% due to the extra traffic received from organic search results.

First Page for "oriental rugs" on Google and Bing.

Case Study: Pool Construction Industry

Client: Johnson Pools

Goal: Increase leads through the web site
Work Performed: Web Design, Pay Per Click Management, SEO
Results: Recently launched the new site using a highly optimized structure. Client has greatly increased traffic from organic search; allowing pay per click budgets to be minimal.

First page for "inground pool maryland" on Google, Bing, and Yahoo

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