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Ppc Management

Turn low quality scores into great ones in 4 easy steps

A low-quality score is the kiss of death when it comes to your pay-pricing click advertising (PPC) campaigns. Google and the other search engines will charge you a lot more money, and display your ads a lot less often, if they feel your keywords, ad copy, and landing pages don’t stack up well to what searchers want or are expecting.

The G3 Group is Featured in Google’s Annual Economic Impact Report

The Internet is where business is done and jobs are created. In 2014, Google’s search and advertising tools helped provide 1.42 billion of economic activity for 29,000 advertisers, website publishers and nonprofits across Maryland. The G3 Group is proud to be featured in Google’s Economic Impact Report and tell our story.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile Friendly is now a Mobile Necessity

As another step in helping mobile users have a better mobile Web experience, Google announced they will be expanding the usage of mobile factors in its search algorithm.

Adwords Ppc

4 Ways to Ensure You Make Money from PPC Advertising

One of the biggest concerns website owners have about pay-per-click advertising is that the traffic they generate from their ads will not make up for the money they spend on clicks. It all comes down to return-on-investment, ensuring that the money spent on ads is covered and exceeded by lead conversions. If you are apprehensive about PPC marketing, the tips below will provide a guaranteed blueprint for your success.

Landing Page Sample

10 Simple Landing Page Elements that get Amazing Results

Your landing page is the single most important factor in how well you convert visitors into leads or sales. Of course I do promote testing to make it the best it can be, however, there are some factors that have been proven to be highly effective.

Selecting the right keywords

Sometimes we forget that our customers (or potential customers) don't understand our language... most often this is the case with B2B or service oriented businesses with non-branded items. We get very accustomed to using terms to describe our business that nobody else understands...(except our competitors).

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