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Coding Error

Five Website Design Errors that will Destroy Your Rankings

It's natural for business owners to trust the web designer to do a good job... and visually all may appear fine, but, what you paid for is not always what you get. Hidden mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars in lost traffic, sales and revenue.

Top 5 Useful Tools in 2013

I love online tools. Marketing tools intrique me the most because I'm always interpreting large amounts of data. I spend time each week either trying out or searching…

Google NYC

Is it boring where you work?

Well, Dan and I attended the 2012 Google Agency Summit in New York yesterday and I must say the thing that struck me most is the employee atmosphere, perks and great food. (Besides the great things that can help our clients of course!)

Landing Page Elements

How to Find the Right Length for a Landing Page

In the online marketing world, we tend to get pretty excited about landing pages. After all, where else in life can you change minor details (like a headline, PPC ad, or call to action) and see the amount in your bank account increase overnight?

Google Ppc

Why SEO Isn’t Like a One Night Stand

One of the most frustrating realizations for business owners who are beginning the search engine optimization process – and especially those who are launching new business websites or changing domain names – is that Google doesn't especially care for quick changes.

Stand Out

Traditional Advertising vs. Internet

Internet marketing exceeds newspaper ads? In December, the Wall Street Journal reports another notch in the shrinking newspaper belt. U.S. spending in 2010 on online ads will hit $25.8 billion, surpassing the $22.8 billion spent on print ads in newspapers.

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