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Bounce Rate

How high is your bounce rate?

Your "bounce rate" is one of the key performance indicators you should be monitoring in your web analytics. Bounce rate means a visitor came and left (without digging deeper into your site or performing any actions) - but often the implications can be a little more complex.


Running Your Website by the Numbers

Most businesses run by numbers - they have metrics like profit & loss and often they are segmented by department, geographical region and many other elements. These are all key performance indicators used to determine how the business is performing.

Guiding visitors down the right path

Driving along I95 on my way to King’s Dominion it occurred to me, I forgot my GPS! I had just made it onto the Interstate… there is no way I wanted to turn around. Oh well, I have been there once before and I can rely on those big green and white signs …

Success Compass

Search Engine Optimization

Over the last ten years, our experts have written books about SEO, spoke in the media and at search engine conferences, served on the board of directors for search engine associations (SEMPO), written articles for the trade and MORE.

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