Case Study

Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue

Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of Border Collies. The team at BRBCR needed a way to showcase the adoptable dogs and also encourage volunteer signup and donations.

INDUSTRY: Rescue/Non-Profit
PROJECT: Design, Development


Our initial focus was on showcasing the adoption section to create a virtual meet & greet for each dog. The dynamic content is formatted so that each dog’s page has a similar appearance regardless of the amount of content. We include social sharing for each individual dog and a donate button to support the rescue.


The backend administration features an easy input for incoming dogs and is each dog is categorized according to their status (available, pending, etc.). We developed an online adoption and volunteer application to offer visitors an alternative to the PDF format. Both adoption and volunteer forms utilize conditional fields, autosave, and online signing. The site features a private area for staff to review applications and upload documents.


Green Blue
Chinese Red
Khaki Web
Prussian Blue
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