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Improve the user experience

Usability Impacts Performance

A website with a higher degree of usability will have better engagement – and, search engines give rewards (in the form of higher ranking) to websites that engage users better.

As visitors interact with your website, there are some things that affect their experience – even though they may not realize it. Factors like website speed, ease of navigation and how quickly visitors can reach their goal are often quite subtle, yet surprisingly critical to your success. And, they are all part of the User Experience (UX).

It’s not just about how fast your page loads – it’s about multiple factors that shape the user’s perception.

Here are the common issues:

  • Web page load time and web server latency
  • Confusing Architecture and Navigation
  • Poor Coding and image-heavy pages
  • No Accessibility
  • Content readability
  • Too many steps to reach the goal

Improving speed and usability

The same can be said about conversions since higher engagement usually equates to greater conversion ratios. Therefore, for both search engines and visitors, usability is an important consideration in web design.

At the G3 Group, the user experience is an integral part of every new website we build.

  • Fast, optimized web server configurations
  • Best practices for code and image optimization
  • Best practices for Accessibility
  • Testing and optimized navigational structure

Our goal is to ensure your new website performs better in all aspects including speed, ease of navigation and increased visitor interaction.

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