As seasoned veterans in the Internet community, we embrace new technologies and continually look for the most efficient solutions to solve complex problems. You can count on us to always give advice that will promote your business growth and success.

Formally organized in 2016, the G3 Group Agency, LLC is a woman-owned company with a results-oriented team. We have a strong commitment to transparency, fair pricing & honest solutions.

We help uncover what your visitors think and feel.

We’re invested in discovering what attracts, motivates & compels your visitors to act. We know that providing an exceptional user experience is the key ingredient for your success. This gives us the ultimate advantage when it comes to creating engaging websites and performance-driven marketing for our clients.

Our Team

Heaven Speirs

Heaven is an SEO writer and blogger with 14+ years of experience. She started writing online as a side hustle in college, but she quickly shifted from a freelancer to a full-time content writer. Since then, she has written for well over 100 businesses, ranging from prominent cosmetic dentists to small-town construction companies. 
Heaven specializes in creating keyword-enriched content that people actually want to read. She understands the art of keeping Google happy while converting leads into clients, and she’s been a part of our team since 2014. 

John E. Pusey

John is a partner at the G3 Group. His day-to-day work inclues graphic interface programming, web hosting and web application development. John specializes in programming custom PHP and ColdFusion applications to fit the specific needs of our clients, building large-scale databases and excels at third party API integration. John has a Master of Science (M.S.) in Instructional Technology and a Bachelor of Arts (B.S.) in Political Science.

As an expert in graphic interface programming, his specialty is web application development. 

Anita Schott

Anita is a marketing strategist and the founding partner. As a certified Google Ads Professional, Master Conversion Optimization Expert and Microsoft AdExcellence member, she has studied under some notable pioneers in the Internet marketing industry. Her passion is helping businesses succeed through SEO and Paid Search Advertising.

After a long career as the CEO of a firm that offered print advertising, it became clear that digital was the future. As early as 1995, she began laying the foundation for a new company focused exclusively on digital advertising.

Tammy Vinson

Tammy is experienced in graphic design, desktop publishing and SEO. She manages projects from start to finish, providing insightful design recommendations to help clients build their brand and market exposure.

Tammy attended Maryland Institute of Art and is an integral part of the company’s management and marketing team.

Delaney Abrams

Dulaney is a content writer with a background in marketing. She organizes and writes content for businesses looking to improve their online presence.

Studying social media trends and keeping up to date on the latest marketing methods is how she helps clients boost their engagement. 


  • We’re mostly competitive personalities and we thrive on challenges. Solving a technical issue is like a fun game for us. It’s also what makes us fanatical about our clients’ success
  • Our mascot is an enviable position – currently held by a Doberman and two Min Pins
  • The name “G3” was a nickname bestowed by some clients years ago… and it stuck.
  • We’re submersed in a digital world – but we still prefer talking to clients on the phone and especially in-person
  • We frequently take on pro-bono work for really good causes
  • Without coffee, we cease to run

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