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Social Media Marketing

Over 74% of online adults use social networking sites. We are often asked: “Should my company spend time marketing with social media?”. And, the answer is always the same: YES.

You can pay for clicks or earn a top ranking, but, you already “own” your social media channel. Why not use it? Social media is like a modern day “word of mouth” – you may not want to participate in the discussion, but, your customers are – so, you need to be in a position to shape the conversation.

The key to using it wisely is to develop a strategy that utilizes its strengths. The first step is to listen. What are people saying about your brand, your industry and topics related to your business? After you know what the discussion is about, you can focus on becoming a part of, or, at the center of it.

Social media channels represent a unique opportunity. Instead of reaching customers one-by-one, you can cultivate advocates and influencers to do the work for you – expanding your reach exponentially.

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Social Media Management

We approach your social media marketing with a strategy that is designed to meet your business objectives – whether it is increasing awareness, sales, loyalty or retention.

  • Strategy and planning: we take the time to uncover your customers social “persona”
  • Customer-oriented content: we create content designed to intrigue your target profile
  • Multi-channel posting: we post your content across multiple channels at regular intervals and measure performance
  • Campaigns: we develop contests, quizes and sharable content designed to increase engagement

Every business can benefit from a better social media plan, contact us to discuss your social landscape. We can offer standalone services or as an integrated part of our marketing plans.

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