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Everyone knows it is frustrating waiting for a slow website to load, so imagine how your customers feel. We provide performance enhancement and optimization services because when it comes to speed… every second counts.

Whether you need a one-time WordPress speed optimization service or monthly service, we can help.


What is slowing your site down?

Hosting – your choice of hosting company and the server where your website is housed can have a big impact on speed.

Page coding – a common issue is CSS and JavaScript files that can slow your site down as well as poorly coded themes that produce huge blocks of code for simple functionality. Along with this comes poor housekeeping, outdated plugins & security issues. 

Images/Media – a fairly easy fix involves optimization of your media and using modern web formats like SVG, Webp, etc. Image heavy sites can benefit from using a CDN.

Server and cache settings or misconfigurations can cause a delay in delivery of your content. 

Let's get your site up to speed!

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We make every second count!

Let us put some speed on your WordPress site. Free consultation, fast economical pricing. We make it as fast as it can be guaranteed.

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