Landing Page Development

Every Successful Campaign starts with a Great Landing Page

When you are advertising to sell a product or service, a professionally designed landing page is a valuable component. Unlike a standard page in your website, a dedicated landing page provides a higher ratio of leads & sales.

Whereas your home page is like the entrance to your business and visitors are free to explore many different areas, landing pages have a single purpose… to persuade visitors to take action.

Landing pages differ from normal web pages with features like minimal navigation, persuasive content, and a clear call to action. Since landing pages are tailored to a single offer or concept, these features further ensure you get a high rate of return on your campaign.

  • Landing Page Development & Design
  • Banner Ads & Creative Asset Design
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Our Formula for High Converting Landing Pages

Forms should have minimal fields with the magic number being 3 for increased conversions.

Providing trust symbols (credentials, awards, reviews) near your call to action increases conversions

Pictures of your product or service go a long way but videos get the best conversion rates.

Headlines should reflect the main value of your great offer, product, or service.

Create a clear, concise call to action and make it stand out from the rest of the page. Don’t use generic “click here” or “submit” as your button text.

Keep links and navigation zero to minimal – you want your audience to focus on your offer. Reducing distractions on the landing page can increase conversions by as much as 10%.

Provide secondary information like subheadings and text when you need to tell the benefits of using your product or service

Provide additional information only if it is needed for the visitor to make a decision regarding taking action.

Testimonials and real reviews give the social proof needed for your visitor make a decision & act on your offer

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