Geofencing is an incredibly powerful way to harness the capabilities of location-based marketing. A Geofence targets mobile devices that are actively present within an area of interest.

For example, a restaurant can use a map app, such as Waze, to send coupons once a consumer enters a geofenced area. Or, a retail store can use it to target people within their competitor’s locations.

With the ability to hyper-target prospects, you’ll not only be able to reach folks at the right time and place but also be able to engage them with messaging that is relevant and timely.

  • Target people who are nearby your business
  • Target people who are near your competitor’s business
  • Target people who are within any location you define
  • From 100 meters around an address to entire zip codes, cities, and regions

Display Advertising

Display ads generate brand awareness by showcasing your message across networks of millions of websites and apps.

  • Contextual
  • Behavioral
  • Retargeting

Display ads, like geofencing ads, allow you to target consumers based on their location and other factors like interests, demographics, and behaviors. 

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