Email Marketing

An important part of your marketing strategy, every business should make a commitment to email marketing including keeping their customer list up to date. We help businesses grow their email list, create and deploy campaigns as part of our comprehensive email marketing services.

Email communication has many benefits – including the fact that it is a very low cost channel. You are not paying for each click; nor do you have to allocate a huge investment to reach customers via email.

The people on your email list may not have been ready to buy when they made contact with you but by establishing a trust relationship through continuous awareness – you can make certain they think of you when they are ready to act.

  • Keep your brand at the top of people’s minds
  • Target prospects with a data-driven strategy
  • Drive sales, leads and improve or build trust relationships
  • Support your other sales channels

Email Marketing Services To Increase Conversions

Trust is an important element in the sales process – some will argue it is the most important. One thing is certain – without trust; nobody will buy from you.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try – gaining trust with one little landing page or a whole website seems impossible. The stakes get higher as what you are selling becomes more expensive or complex. So if you can’t get them to buy a diamond ring or signup for your business consulting on their first visit – how about getting them to give up their email address? What would it take for visitors to take this smaller step?

In fact, some businesses pay to get signups… not sales – it’s the foundation of their strategy. They do that because they know the nature of their product or service will require more time to evaluate, build a relationship and guide the person into their sales funnel. That’s what makes email marketing a perfect companion to other online marketing methods like pay per click marketing.

Develop your strategy

There are a few basic elements to consider when it comes to email marketing like building a list, crafting the message and ensuring delivery. The real tough part is creating your strategy. Having a pre-established strategy helps you maintain the process, keeps your delivery frequent and ensures greater follow-through on content creation.

What strategy should I use? Email messages can be trust-building, informational, or tranactional. Since you don’t know how your list will respond you can:

  • Monitor your competitors emails (signup for all of them – keep tabs on what they are doing) Be objective; if they cover a topic flawlessly – try to find another topic where their coverage is bare.
  • Use a variety of content – trust building, information and transactional – measure your response (opens, clicks, and actions). In the case of a newsletter; this variety can co-exist – but be aware your signup rate will do better if your topics are as specific as possible
  • Establish frequency – it doesn’t take long for recipients to come to expect your communication on a certain day.

Delivering on a promise

Especially if your intent is to build trust; remember these guidelines when executing your strategy:

  • Nothing breaks trust quicker than marketing messages that look unprofessional.
  • Put thought and thorough research behind your strategy
  • Keep your schedule – deliver on time, make your email marketing a priority
  • Learn from your past metrics – if your open ratio starts to decline – beef up your content or if your unsubscribes start to climb – change your frequency. Do something – your strategy will change over time as you learn from each email.

Let’s get started:

Have an idea for your email marketing? We’re here to help, we offer the following services:

  • Strategy and Planning – email campaigns and list building
  • Email Creative and Content preparation
  • Email Delivery and Reporting

We have the expertise and passion to help you integrate email marketing into your advertising mix.

We’d love to discuss your next project!



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