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Over the last ten years, our experts have written books about SEO, spoke in the media and at search engine conferences, served on the board of directors for search engine associations (SEMPO), written articles for the trade and MORE. But most importantly – we’ve obtained thousands of “top ten” listings for our clients but the question is:

Why is search engine optimization important?

As the online marketplace becomes more competitive and the cost of pay per click advertising rises – it’s more valuable than ever to have a website that ranks highly. A top listing in search results can boost your traffic by 600% or more.

  • Your customers use search engines to research you and your products & services
  • There are never any per-click fees in natural search
  • Research shows more people click on the natural search results versus sponsored results – as much as 3 to 1 or higher
  • Optimization can significantly improve your sales and leads
  • Optimization can boost your online visibility in social media, blogs, press releases & more.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the process of improving your website’s ability to interact with search engines. It involves changes to your site’s content and code as well as external factors including cultivating the quality of links pointing to your site. Web page optimization can also be applied to your pay per click landing pages. Search engines like Google look at your landing pages to develop a “quality score”. The higher your quality score – the lower your cost per click.

Who needs search engine optimization?

Everyone. Even businesses that don’t rely on search engines want to at least be found for their own name. It’s really a matter of who you choose to optimize as opposed to whether or not you should do it. The level of optimization you need is dependent on your goals – getting found for your own name is easy compared to obtaining a top ten listing for a competitive keyword. Choose a company you can trust.

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