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5 AdWords Fine-Tuning Options You Shouldn’t Overlook

Have you set up a Google AdWords pay-per-click campaign by choosing some keywords, writing an ad, and then letting them run? To give you a sense of the kinds of adjustments you should be making to your accounts, here are five AdWords fine-tuning options you should never overlook

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The G3 Group is Featured in Google’s Annual Economic Impact Report

The Internet is where business is done and jobs are created. In 2014, Google’s search and advertising tools helped provide 1.42 billion of economic activity for 29,000 advertisers, website publishers and nonprofits across Maryland. The G3 Group is proud to be featured in Google’s Economic Impact Report and tell our story.

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How to Find the Right Length for a Landing Page

In the online marketing world, we tend to get pretty excited about landing pages. After all, where else in life can you change minor details (like a headline, PPC ad, or call to action) and see the amount in your bank account increase overnight?

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