Traditional Advertising vs. Internet

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Internet marketing exceeds newspaper ads? In December, the Wall Street Journal reports another notch in the shrinking newspaper belt.  U.S. spending in 2010 on online ads will hit $25.8 billion, surpassing the $22.8 billion spent on print ads in newspapers.

Newspapers have been slow to address or monetize the impact of "measurable" advertising. As a result, businesses are finding the ability to target and measure Internet advertising a real plus in how they divide their ad budget. Sooner or later it was inevitable that advertisers move their budgets online. Gone are the days when the newspaper ad rep reassured the advertiser that they needed to repeat their ads to get the type of response they had envisioned.

That thought process never really worked for me… sure, if you advertise regularly you may eventually reach the right people. And, there is an element of good branding. But, if you get a dismal (or unmeasurable) response from your very first ad – how do you justify running the same ad in another 12 issues?

That brings us to radio and TV. The same theories apply here, if you don’t have a method in place to do some rudimentary measuring then it’s like advertising in the dark. Will Internet advertising overtake radio and TV or will future technologies help traditional media compete?

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