Is your Digital Marketing Strategy Balanced?

multi-channel marketing approach


Would it even surprise you to know that 88 percent of consumer pre-research their buys online before making a purchase? Reaching today’s shoppers requires a multi-channel marketing approach.

Gone are the days when people find your business and reach out after just one click. In today’s high-tech landscape, your customer’s journey involves multiple touchpoints across different channels and devices.

The Customer Journey

Prospects will likely interact with your business in a variety of ways before they become customers. They may browse your website, view an ad, scroll through your social media, search for reviews… the list goes on and on.

The saying used to be “if you are not on the first page of Google, you might as well not exist.” Today, that is still true, but the path between a prospect and converting them to a customer is much more complex. Your customers are everywhere online, and, you must be there too.

Running an ad campaign and waiting for the sales to roll in after one click is not a reality. There is enough analytic data to show that attributing a single click to your marketing goals is not practical. People tend to take a longer path between first finding you online and interacting with you.

After clicking your ad, a person is likely to be doing further research. That research may include checking your social presence, customer reviews, competitors, pricing and even website quality. If you are NOT visible at that point, you’ve opened the door for your competition.

What makes attribution so complex?

Buyer’s remorse. We’ve all been there. Today, more than ever, buyers have the tools to help reduce it. They are looking for credibility, transparency, social proof, price comparisons or in-depth knowledge.

Where do shoppers perform research?

  • Organic Search Results
  • Paid Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Rating/Review Sites

Achieving Balance

balanced definedRegardless of the size of your budget; the most critical factor is having a presence where prospects are looking. That means investing in organic search, paid search, social media and building reviews. The proportioning of your investment in these four channels will depend on your individual business, what you are selling and how well each channel meets your goals.

A typical scenario is the business that wants more traffic. They invest in SEO and Paid search and then notice their conversion ratio dropping. This is a strong indication that social media proof and reviews may need to be reinforced. Keeping these four channels balanced requires constant attention and monitoring.

If you want to grow your business, invest in multi-channel marketing. You want a plan that is blended and flexible enough to allow you to adjust the proportioning in real-time.

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