When the going gets tough….



 A recent survey by Entrepreneur magazine shows that as a result of today’s economy, businesses are cutting expenses and reducing labor costs. Along with all the cuts, an overwhelming 76% said they’re relying more on web-related activities to drive sales.

Because the web is generally a lower cost solution when it comes to marketing; nearly half of the group said they are re-designing and engaging in SEO (search engine optimization) during these tough economic times. Additionally, respondents reported using email marketing and social networking.

SEO is much like a "long-term" investment… it’s not a quick fix. Once a site is optimized, it usually takes some time (anywhere from 3 to 12 months or more) for search engines to thoroughly index the site and then start displaying the site listing in response to search queries.

If your website is optimized – the longer it is in existence, the better. Search engines give points for sites as they age and become more established. In general, as the site grows in popularity and achieves more inbound links; search rankings continually increase.

The businesses using SEO now are realizing the power of having top rankings in any economic climate. Put your "SEO" net in the water, let it grow over time and pay nothing for the resulting catch…. that’s a good investment!

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