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A low-quality score is the kiss of death when it comes to your pay-pricing click advertising (PPC) campaigns. Google and the other search engines will charge you a lot more money, and display your ads a lot less often, if they feel your keywords, ad copy, and landing pages don’t stack up well to what searchers want or are expecting.

Although this is something most business owners and marketers understand – or at least learn quickly – many struggle to raise their quality scores even with that knowledge. With that in mind, we’d like to offer four easy ways you can improve yours, and make your PPC advertising more efficient, in a short amount of time:

4 Steps to Improve PPC Quality Scores

#1: Put Search Keywords into PPC Ad Copy

This is a simple trick, but one that works incredibly well. Make sure that whatever keyword you are bidding on is represented in the corresponding ad copy, preferably twice (once in the headline, once in the body). Search engines will highlight these in the results, making them more attractive to customers.

#2: Use Exact and Phrase Matches for Keywords

Broad keyword matches give you lots of impressions, but very few clicks. That, in turn, lowers your click-through rate and hurts your quality scores. Be as precise as you possibly can with your keyword bids – you only want your ads to be seen by searchers who are highly likely to click on them and ultimately make a purchase.

#3: Create Dedicated PPC Ad and Landing Page Combos

In the same way that you would ideally want to have one ad group for each exact or phrase match keyword, it makes sense to generate as many different specific landing pages as possible to correspond with different ads. That way, you can be sure that someone who clicks on your ad is going to find the kind of search result they would expect on your landing pages.

#4: Use a Declining Bid Strategy

It’s hard to generate lots of clicks (and improve your click-through rate) if your ad is being shown low in the search results. For that reason, it might be worth it for you to bid more than you normally would for the first couple of weeks that your ads run, to achieve a better position and improve your quality score. Then you can decline your bids over time while retaining the same level of visibility.

Quality scores might seem confusing, but remember that they essentially come down to two things: the click-through rate on your ads, and the relevance of your landing pages (from a search engine’s perspective). You can improve both with these four tips, and earn a much higher ROI from your PPC campaigns as a result.

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