The One Way to “Win” at PPC Advertising

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Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a simple idea in principle: have your online ads displayed when potential customers search for terms that are relevant to your business. You get an instant flow of targeted traffic, the search engine company gets money, and searchers get help finding exactly what they were looking to buy.

Sounds like an easy win-win, doesn’t it?

It is – until you actually start putting your PPC campaigns to use. Then you find things like keyword matching options, quality scores, and an intense, competitive bidding process make things a bit more complicated.

As a result, business owners and marketers tend to obsess over certain things, like click-thru rates, cost per click, etc. These are important, but they can distract you from the fact that there is really only one way to “win” at PPC advertising: by converting a high number of visitors into customers – and, keeping your overall cost down in order to be profitable.

If you can’t do that, it doesn’t matter what your other metrics are because you aren’t getting any customers, or you are spending so much to get them that it doesn’t matter. Luckily, here are some PPC advertising tips to help you fix that:

Increase Conversion Rates by Better Aligning Keywords, Ads, and Landing Pages

Stop and think of things from a potential customer’s point of view for a moment. When they enter a keyword into Google or Yahoo, what are they really looking for? Does your ad speak to that want or need? And if they click on your ad, are they going to find the kind of information they expect on your landing pages? Making your ad and landing page the best it can be and aligning it with the keyword is the biggest thing you can do to improve your performance.

When you focus on the basics everything else falls into place. Better ads, relevant keywords and great landing pages = higher quality scores, lower costs and more sales.

Micro Conversions Matter

A lot of people simply aren’t going to make a purchase from you the first time they visit your website. But if you can convince them to share their email or phone number, you can follow up with them later – and in the process get some value (in the form of a future sale) from what would otherwise have been a wasted click. Free reports, downloads, and other information guides are great ways to turn visitors into leads who might buy eventually even if they aren’t ready now.

While you should never stop watching your PPC campaigns closely, understand that converting visitors into buyers should always be your biggest goal. Once you can do that, the rest comes down to managing details.

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