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Lead Generation Using MaxTraffic

Client: Maryland Tub & Tile
Maryland Tub & Tile is a local contractor that specializes in bathtub and tile refinishing.

Solution: MaxTraffic

Challenge: They wanted to keep their budget manageable but get more specialty home improvement leads. The previous marketing provider was using pay per click advertising, however, the landing page featured many home improvement companies all competing for the same traffic. This kept the costs low for the provider but provided very few leads for each contractor.

Approach: Our team decided it was time to break away from the pack and have the client utilize paid search sending traffic to his own website.

To keep budget and costs lower, we setup campaigns that were targeted to the service areas. The campaigns were tightly structured around keywords that were highly likely to produce results.

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Maryland Tub & Tile

By structuring the PPC account correctly, all of the keywords earned a 10/10 quality score. This means the client pays less for each keyword and gets better positioning than all other competitors bidding on the same search terms. As a result, the client was able to allocate more budget to SEO and social media while generating 5-10 high-quality leads every day from Google Ads.

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