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Articles, tips and tricks to improve your paid search campaigns using simple techniques as well as advanced features and new improvements.

audience targeting

Drive Massive Conversions in Pay-per-click Using Audience Targeting

If you are struggling to get up to speed building a successful pay-per-click campaign, there are a ton of things you can do to make basic improvements to your campaigns. However, if you feel as though you’ve got the basics covered, this article dives into some automated (and manual) methods to improve your search campaign …

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setup Conversion tracking

Which Type of Conversion Tracking Should You Use?

When you setup conversion tracking, choosing between Google Analytics or Google Ads is going to depend on your specific goals. Each method has major differences, and you want to choose one that is easy but not at the expense of getting accurate data. Conversion tracking helps you determine how effective your website and/or campaigns lead …

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landing page experience

Landing Page Experience

Your landing page factors into your paid search campaign’s performance A landing page is served up as the result of a click on an ad campaign, helping visitors better digest the advertiser’s message. We all know the importance of having a great landing page experience for our users because it impacts their action (or inaction). …

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pay per click tips

Benefits of Pay per Click for Small Businesses

A successful PPC (pay per click) campaign can generate profit faster than any other online marketing method available today. But most small businesses fail to recognize this huge opportunity. Some savvy business owners recognize the benefits of Pay per Click for Small Businesses but sadly most do not. Although the reasons can vary, I personally …

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ppc management

Turn low quality scores into great ones in 4 easy steps

A low-quality score is the kiss of death when it comes to your pay-pricing click advertising (PPC) campaigns. Google and the other search engines will charge you a lot more money, and display your ads a lot less often, if they feel your keywords, ad copy, and landing pages don’t stack up well to what searchers want or are expecting.

adwords ppc

4 Ways to Ensure You Make Money from PPC Advertising

One of the biggest concerns website owners have about pay-per-click advertising is that the traffic they generate from their ads will not make up for the money they spend on clicks. It all comes down to return-on-investment, ensuring that the money spent on ads is covered and exceeded by lead conversions. If you are apprehensive about PPC marketing, the tips below will provide a guaranteed blueprint for your success.

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